On the intersection of Mound Road and 31 Mile Road, three-and-a-half miles southwest of Romeo in Macomb County, lies something called "Thoringtonville."

But what the heck is it...or was it?

The only things that prove there was once some sort of a community here, is the Brabb Cemetery and an old one-room schoolhouse --- still standing, but probably not for long.

Thoringtonville is a little isolated countryside area, surrounded by gravel pits, thriving communities and towns. The isolation of this place is somewhat odd, considering in most directions there are closeby communities, towns, subdivisions and shopping centers.

The lone old schoolhouse is probably trying to tell us some kind of history & background, but so far...nothing. No notations or mentions of it anywhere I looked and the 'town' isn't even listed as a Michigan ghost town, former lumber town, mining town...nothing. No info came my way whatsoever.

Sounding like it should belong in a scary movie, the peculiarly-named "Brabb" Cemetery may hold some kind of clue, if you want to wander through the graves for names of former townfolk.

Do you know anything about Thoringtonville? What is was, when it was, who it was named after, what businesses were there, what business the town was built around, ANYthing? If you happen to find any info on Thoringtonville, please send it my way.

In the meantime, look at the pictures below, mostly of the old one-room schoolhouse that still stands as a lonesome reminder of what once may have been there.

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