Peanut butter and banana sandwiches? I've had them. Not bad but not my cup of tea. It's the consistency of cement or paste in my mouth. I've even had the fluffernutter sandwich. Big on the east coast. Mostly New England. This one is peanut butter and marshmallow creme. Again, not my speed but I can't knock the hustle. It's not the taste but the paste like consistency that really gets me. There are even variations of the previous two with Nutella.

banana and mayo_edited

However, while bouncing around on the internet, I discovered something that triggered the gag reflex so fast I was amazed at it myself! ENTER THE BANANA AND MAYO sandwich. Apparently race care superstar Dale Earnhardt Jr. stated a while back that he enjoys banana and mayonnaise on bread as one of his favorite snacks. And that it's a southern thing.

Now, I'm from Mississippi. I know of southern snacks and hidden gems. Sugar on grits and rice. Syrup sandwiches. Mayonnaise sandwiches. Wish sandwiches (you wish you had some meat on the bread). Head cheese. Chitlins' (chitterlings), moon pies, pimento cheese, pickled pigs feet and so on. There are some crazy things from down south that should indeed stay there but are mainstays. Even the fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches that Elvis used to love to eat I am aware of.

BANANA AND MAYO! Together! On a sandwich? Nah. Don't know where or what fresh hell this came from.

So, can we whip one of these up for you? A guy tried one below and the results...well you can see for yourself! My ma'am. No thank you. Not at all!

We Tried 5 Gross Sandwich Combinations People Actually Eat

There is a controversy brewing in the world of sandwiches. Dale Earnhardt Jr. tweeted this week that banana and mayonnaise on bread is one of his favorite snacks, and although the majority of the Internet-let's call them "sane humans"-correctly recoiled at this in disgust, a shockingly high number of people claimed they also loved the unholy combination.

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