Honestly. I can't believe he would agree to do it, but he gained points in my book for it. Justin Bieber has agreed to get roasted. Comedy Central approached him about doing one of their roasts last year, but the Biebs said wait until this year. Well it's a good thing that they did. Bieber gave them a ton more material to work with. I think there are a lot of people that give Bieber crap because well, he's the definition of spoiled brat celebrity, and to be totally honest he's done some really crappy things. Ryan Seacrest announced it thins morning and according to this press release from Comedy Central, there is no official date on the taping.

I think this takes a ton of balls to do . After getting slammed this past weekend on Saturday Night Live on a hilarious skit done by Kate Mckinnon, I couldn't imagine a better response to be honest with you. Great timing and execution from the Bieber people. I think without a doubt this will be one of the best things on TV in 2015. Everyone has an opinion on this guy. Love him or hate him, it'll be good to get a laugh or two out from some professional roasters at his expense. It won't be like how Comedy Central decided to roast Rosanne Barr and everyone was left scratching their heads. This is someone constantly in the news and tabloids. So, will you watch?