We can all agree, this weather can suck it. Well maybe not everyone would agree because a lot of kids are getting snow days because of it.

Casey Jones from WOODTV shared Ionia Public Schools latest snow day cancellation with an interesting side fact:

That was fun while it lasted!!

Ionia went back to school Monday, February 11th for the first time since January 24th - They're off again today!

That’s crazy they’ve only gotten one day in, over the past two weeks; which if I’m a student, and it’s February, I’m loving it.  That is until you realize the cold hard facts of your snow days.

Ionia Public schools posted soon after their closing statement, a message from the superintendent, which said as of February 12th, they’ll have to extend their school year by 7 days.  So instead of getting out on June 5th, they’ll be going at least through the next week.

He also continued that they are looking for other ways to reduce the number of make-up days.

Still, I wish work was like school and that we’d all only been in once since January 24th.

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