You should never leave something like an aerosol can in your car or something bad can happen. This is what happened to a Missouri woman who said that her daughter left a dry shampoo aerosol can in her car. Well the sun and heat made this a huge issue as the heat built up and eventually exploded the can, ruining the middle console of the car and sending the can through the roof. The aerosol can eventually landed about 50 feet from the car and made a whole bunch of damage in the car that is probably not going to be fix.

So here's the lesson.....don't leave aerosol cans, bottles, or even pop cans in your car as the heat can build up in there and make it explode. It can also sometimes happen with water bottles but aerosol cans are the biggest no-no to leave in your car. You can check out the story below and the damage as well.

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