The City of Two Rivers wants you to know, there is more than one Portland in the US. And if you're sending angry emails and Facebook messages to the one in Michigan, you're doing it wrong.

They are used to the occasional confusion, and they get it. But recently, there was a SPIKE in aggressive complaints. Mostly about the civil unrest and Antifa groups shutting down streets in Portland, OREGON.

City Manager Tutt Gorman posted on the Michigan city's official Facebook page that the account, and that of the city's police department, are not affiliated with the city of Portland, Ore.

PSA: We’re not Portland, Oregon.

Since I authorized the creation of the Portland Police Department Facebook page in 2014, it has been a great resource for our residents and effective tool for disseminating information. However, one issue that became evident was that of mistaken identity and some presuming we are Portland, OREGON. That said, we steadily receive highly inappropriate complaints and messages clearly not directed at our PPD and certainly not reflective of our residents. Within the past 24 hours there has been an aggressive spike in complaints to the City and PPD apparently involving civil unrest and Antifa groups shutting down streets in Portland, OREGON. It’s important that our residents recognize the context of these complaints/posts and that they are in no way affiliated with the Portland Police Department of Portland, Michigan.

Tutt Gorman
City Manager

You would think tech savvy folks would be a little smarter and read. And then, heed the above letter posted on the City of Portland, Michigan Facebook page. But when folks are mad, and looking to vent, Portland, Michigan is close enough

BTW, Chief of Police Star Thomas said the Facebook post hasn't yet stopped the influx of messages. (UPI)

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