First off, shout to all our local artists, businesses, and healthcare workers because this whole story is a perfect storm of all of them coming together.

I'll encourage you to first take a look at Fabricated Customs out of Portland, Michigan.

And the t-shirt that started it all is here...and currently sold out so check back.

Credit: Amber Stanger via Facebook

Many local small businesses and tattoo artists are hurting because of the COVID-19 virus. We are looking to support our friend, Levi Hatch, who tattoos out of Eclectic Art Tattoo Gallery in downtown Lansing, MI.

Levi created this design in honor of all of the nurses and doctors fighting on the frontlines. By purchasing this shirt, Fabricated Customs will be splitting all of the profits 50/50 with Levi. Help support Levi and his terrific artwork. (Fabricated Customs)

Now, you've got a local screen printing shop, a local tattoo artist, a local tattoo shop. Let us introduce you to our bad@$$ nurse who decided wearing this t-shirt wouldn't be enough.

Credit: Amber Stanger via Facebook

I fell in love with this shirt I bought designed by a tattoo artist in Lansing, Michigan (to support nurses during Covid). So in LOVE that I decided to have him tattoo it on me. (Amber Stanger via Facebook)

Credit: Amber Stanger via Facebook

That is some amazing ink and art work. So please if you can, be like Amber. Support our local businesses, T-shirt shops, artists, tattoo parlors, and definitely our front line healthcare workers.

Celebrating Mid-Michigan Nurses