This father-of-the-bride brought a tear to my eye this morning after hearing about his kindhearted gesture...

Weddings come with their own set of problems, but add in the fact that a bride has TWO dads that she loves and only one chance to get walked down the aisle, that takes things to a new level.

Ohio bride Brittany Peck ran into this situation at her wedding this past weekend. Brittany's stepfather, Todd Cendrosky figured "that [he'd] be sitting in the crowd, not walking her down the aisle."  But not to worry, according to WILX, Brittany's biological father fixed things right up.

Just as the music started up for the bride and her father to begin their march, Brittany's biological dad, Todd Bachman, took stepdad Todd by the hand and asked his help in walking their  daughter down the aisle. The photographer at the wedding was ready, and caught this very special moment on camera. You can see the emotional pic an interview with Brittany's two dads in the video below. But be warned, you'll probably need a tissue!