Whether you call it fate, luck, or kismet, sometimes things happen in the most perfect, and silliest of ways. This is definitely one of those times...

I was doing my usual Facebook scrolling and came across a post from one of the groups I'm in; Sign Errors. It was a funny picture of a "stop" signal on a crosswalk. And wouldn't you know it, the picture was from right here in Lansing. But that wasn't the funny part.

The funny part was that this stop signal is malfunctioning in just the best way ever...

It's encouraging everyone to rock on!

I had to see it for myself, so I made the trek to the intersection of Capitol and Saginaw, and wouldn't you know it, it was still malfunctioning in the best way ever. Take a look for yourself in the picture below.

Photo courtesy of Kristen Matthews/TSM Lansing
Photo courtesy of Kristen Matthews/TSM Lansing
Photo courtesy of Kristen Matthews/TSM Lansing
Photo courtesy of Kristen Matthews/TSM Lansing

It seems like one or two of the bulbs in that finger must be out. It's interesting how just those few are out, and not the whole signal. Regardless, this crossing signal knows how to rock and is inadvertently encouraging you to do so as well.

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It's funny how this turned out because this could have ended a whole lot differently. Say, perhaps, all the other lights in the other fingers were out except for that middle finger...leaving pedestrians with a different message than "rock on".

Since most of the signal is working, I doubt that it's high on the list of things to be fixed; there are much bigger fish to fry. I wonder how long it'll remain like that, only time will tell. If you're out driving trying to see the cross signal for yourself, check out some other drives you should take while you're out in the gallery below.

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