Given how many roads that are in Lansing, I am surprised that the list is only compiled worth of ten different streets.

Given, that a few of them that were picked aren't too odd, to name a street after it could be considered weird or funny.

The Odd Street Names Across Lansing Neighborhoods

The streets that ended up on this list, are in my opinion, streets that probably get their street signs stolen a lot.

With a few of the names that made the list, it almost feels like they were asking for it.

Most of these were funny, while a few I thought were rather odd to be street names, as most street names aren't statements, which a few below were.

Take a look at some of the odd streets that are in the capital city.

The Odd Street Names In Michigan's Capital

Not all of these could be considered odd. Some may just be downright funny, weird, or as Michael Scott would say, a "that's what she said" kind of road. Take a look at some of the odd roads in Michigan's capital city.

This list was definitely fun to put together, but I am a little shocked that it isn't longer than this, given how much ground Lansing covers.

Do you know of an odd street name that didn't make the list that we might've missed?

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