Let's face it, when we're done staying home to stay healthy, we'll all have to join a gym to get ready for those summer bodies. But with the extra snacking, how much weight can you expect to gain while stuck at home?

Zippia.com, a job search website created a "Coronavirus Quarantine 15 Calculator" which will tell you, based on how much you're exercising, snacking while working from home, and drinking, just how much weight you're expected to gain during the stay-at-home order.

I, of course, jumped right on the website and entered in the little bit of info required and now wish I hadn't... it said I'd gain 13.7 pounds if we're quarantined for 40 days.  I mean, I've been snacking on anything sweet for days now, so I knew I'd get a little bit heftier, but I think I was happier being ignorant to just how much I'd gain. lol

Yes, I do know this isn't scientific because they didn't ask enough personal questions, but seriously what else do you have going on? If you want the wake-up call to put down the pretzels and M&Ms, the link is below.  Good luck.

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