It sounds like Grand Theft Auto the home edition. What started off as a simple shoplifting investigation ends with someone stealing a cop car and then crashing it into a tree. Arrests and ambulances help to round out our story.

Dewitt Township police were investigating 3 individuals who were caught stealing from the Meijer grocery store in Dewitt Township (Tuesday night/Wednesday morning).

As they were fleeing the police, one guy jumps out of their getaway car and somehow manages to get control of a City of Dewitt patrol car.

He then drives said stolen cop car to a house in Lansing at 1 am.

The house was apparently a friend's. He went inside, acquired a gun, came back out, and then left in the stolen cop car.

In his haste to flee that scene, he crashed the car into a tree. The police and emergency crews arrived and got the suspect out of the stolen police car. Witnesses say he did resist assistance. He had suffered some minor injuries as a result of the crash. Witnesses also say that the suspect appeared to be under the influence of drugs. (WILX)

This story is developing and you can find complete details HERE from News 10, Your Breaking News & Weather Authority 

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