There are many things that Michigan is known for besides cars and Detroit. It is also known for doing things first before any other state was able to do.

  1. The Windsor-Detroit Tunnel is the first international underground tunnel for vehicles.
  2. MSU was the first land-grant Univ. and first to teach agriculture, something that MSU is very known for.
  3. The Kellogg's Company in Battle Creek, was the first to make dry cereal.
  4. The first soda pop Vernors was developed in MI about 150 years ago.
  5. Detroit Car Company Packard Motor was the first to offer air-conditioned cars in 1939.
  6. The Detroit Zoo was the first zoo in the United States to feature cage-less, open exhibits that allowed more freedom for animals to roam.
  7. Ford Motor Company, right here in Michigan, was the first to develop the moving assembly line for automobiles.
  8. Michigan was also the first state to abolish the Death Penalty.

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