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It's one of my biggest pet peeves ever. It's rude. It's inconsiderate. I find it speaks volumes as to what my momma would call "lack of home training".

I went to the movies this past weekend and Saturday night before watching Instant Family (great flick by the way, please go see it) I spy this...

Credit: McConnell Adams NCG Cinemas
Credit: McConnell Adams NCG Cinemas

I'm not even gonna talk about the black socks and sandals. What I am gonna go off about is the FEET ON THE BACK OF THE THEATER SEAT. Now some folks say that I get too worked up over this. They say, I paid so much to see this movie. And I want to be comfortable. So they proceed to stretch out like they are at home and make themselves completely comfortable.

But here's my problem.

You're not the only one in the theater. This is in public. You have proceeded to put you dirty feet (shoes on or off it does not matter) on the back of a seat that someone else will eventually have to sit down in. Or heaven forbid, you put your feet up next to someone sitting there. And if that would be me, you and I would instantly have a problem.

You may have walked into a public restroom and through whatever puddle was in there. Or from the parking lot through whatever auto fluids or animal droppings may have been out there. And now for your maximum comfort, you will forego thinking that maybe someone else who will sit there doesn't want whatever you just walked through on their chair (by their head). And don't even get me started with the funky bare feet.

Please be considerate. Just because you paid for the ticket does not make this your house for the next two hours. Think if your mom or sister or wife or kid was sitting there after some guy just walked through dog poop and put his feet up there prior to them watching a movie.

Is it just me? Am I making too big a deal out of this. It outrages me. Seriously.

Either I need to start bringing disinfectant wipes with me to the theaters or just stay home huh?

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