Ever hear of a pedal pub? Well, if you haven't, you should absolutely go check it out online. You may have seen them in Myrtle Beach on vacation or in cities like Nashville. I just recently went on vacation there and they were all over the place, filled with people peddling away and boozin' it up!

Yesterday it was passed that these bikes/cars will now be able to serve alcohol. Let's be honest, it's the entire reason that they exist. They look like so much fun, and now they are coming to Michigan. Here in Lansing, we have a pretty active downtown and I think that these could absolutely make their way on to Washington and Michigan Avenues.

It's a bit pricey, but I think that if you got a group together, it would be such a fun night out. No word yet on any companies or services that will be offering these rides, but like I said, I think there are a few cities in the summer time around mid Michigan that you will see this in. I'm thinking around East Lansing too. What do YOU think? Would you take a ride?