Okay... I have a thing for my red pens... I use them to write important things down on my calendar so I don't miss them. Well, people usually sit at my desk when I am not there and will use my red pens and then walk off with them. So I have a fit searching for a red pen when I really need it to write something important down on my calendar.

Call it OCD or whatever... it's just my thing. I LOVE NEED my red pens! Well I put a note on my pen holder (pictured above) that USED to say 'Do Not Take My PENS.' Now someone is messing with me. The hunt for the culprit is ON!

Got any funny pictures of pranks that have been pulled at work? OR funny notes people leave around the job? People get pretty angry and tend to leave notes around over funny stuff (ie. the photo of the prank I played on the Water Jugs at work below). Send your photos to me using the form below!