This week, The Voice season 13 moves on to the Battle Rounds, in which the coaches pit team members against each other in epic duets. One singer survives, the other goes home...unless, one of the other coaches decides to steals the losing contestant.

Each coach is allowed two steals, so these rounds are always packed with potential drama. On Monday night (Oct. 16), Blake Shelton's duet consisted of Keisha Renee vs. Noah Mac duking it out to the Hank Williams Sr. classic "I'm So Lonesome I Could Die."

Keisha, who describes herself as an "Inglewood [California]-raised girl who just wants to do country music," brought a soaring approach to the classic song, while teenage Noah played it straight with his deep, resonant vocals. Since Shelton was basing off the Elvis Presley cover of the song, Noah's delivery promised to be a hit.

"Your voice is like an old soul," marveled coach Jennifer Hudson. "And that's like a gift. It's very rare where you can be that young and sing from a place like that." Coach Miley Cyrus praised his "low notes," saying "I think you embodied the whole Elvis vibe."

As for Keisha, Hudson noted, "the purity of your voice is so flawlessly beautiful. I could feel the soul, although it wasn't overbearing -- there's still truth and context of a country song."

Coach Adam Levine said: "Keisha was bringing me to church, and Noah was bringing me to like, a diner in the '50s. It was such a time warp, it was crazy!"

Shelton mused, "It's always easier when you have a battle round and somebody's really good and somebody sucks." He praised both of their very different styles, agonizing over his decision: "You guys are so good....this sucks so bad. The winner of this battle is Keisha!"

That's not all, though. Just as Noah was making his graceful exit, Hudson hit her button and stole the very last second!

Season 13 of The Voice will air on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8PM ET on NBC.

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