It started when two freshman twin brothers sent Snapchat messages containing racist and harassing remarks.  The white father of an adopted African-American teen became aware and was able to record one of the incoming messages.  Then, he went to YouTube to call out the kids and their parents.

There's more to the story.

Brad Knudson first attempted to visit the homes of the parents of the teen boys that had been bullying his daughter, but was unsuccessful at a meeting.  So, he went to the police and the school.  After a meeting between the twins' parents, the school and police, Brad Knudson was given a cell phone number of the twins' father.  It turns out, as the old saying goes, 'the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.'

The father of the boys not only told Knudson that the family used the offensive language regularly at home and that it wasn't a big deal, but, he also left a voicemail for Knudson that was racially insensitive and offensive.

Knudson's decision to take it public on YouTube has not only brought an immense of international support for his daughter, but resulted in the *ahem* 'disassociation' of the alleged bullies' father and his employer.  KMSP-TV confirmed with Deron Puro's former employer that he had been fired.

Watch Brad's entire video here [WARNING: LANGUAGE/CONTENT]: