Due to the pandemic this yearly visit with beautiful colors was cancelled last year, but it’s back in 2021 in all its glory. This is one of my favorite Michigan events. Everywhere you go in Holland there are tulips, and when you get to the tulip fields, you will be mesmerized by all of the potent colors coming from thousands of tulips all lined up perfectly. This is the 92nd year of Tulip Time in Holland. In past years a half million visitors would come out and enjoy this event, after a year of pause this should be another big success.

The event actually happens from May 1st through the 9th. This year there will not be the traditional parade, but features smaller events like walking tours, scavenger hunts, a Dutch costume exhibit and the Civic Center will feature a carnival. Tulip Time injects a lot of revenue into the city during this event, many small businesses thrive, something they really missed last year.

Jennifer Foley with the Apothecary Gift Shop said “this event has the Holland, Michigan and the windmill and the wooden shoes and everything, the tulips of course.” Many of the shops in Holland carry Tulip Time themed items, and donate some of their proceeds to the nonprofit producing this event.

WOODTV reports

Foley is the third generation to work in the store on West 8th Street and South River Avenue. She says this year, they’ll be carrying specialty Tulip Time-themed items designed by Saugatuck artist Katherine Doucette. The store will donate 20% of the proceeds to the nonprofit putting on the event.

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If you have not experienced this very cool Michigan event, put on your clogs and head on over to Holland this weekend. Bring your camera because the colors are bright and beautiful. It’s Tulip Time in Holland Michigan, and the only thing missing is you.


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