Are any of you familiar with this Urban Legend? It's a new one on me.

I'm sure some of you are familiar with the Urban Legend about “Bloody Mary” – where you say her name three times and she appears. The film Candyman has the same premise: look into a mirror, say “Candyman, Candyman, Candyman” and the Candyman will appear. Why anyone would invite Bloody Mary or Candyman into their space always perplexed me…these people in the movies always ended up getting killed, right? Duh.

Well, now along comes the Pig Lady.

The difference with Pig Lady is: you shut yourself into a closet, make sure the door is securely shut, and keep chanting “Pig Lady, Pig Lady” over and over again…for a half hour to an hour, if you can last that long.

Once you’ve had enough, step out of the closet and go to the nearest mirror. As you stand there, Pig Lady is said to appear in the mirror with you.

Chances of a Pig Lady appearance are not likely, but people who have tried this had other weirdness occur. Some have experienced nightmares where they are being chased by a woman with a pig’s head. Others had mirrors fall off their walls and break.

And some believe if you walk down railroad tracks at night, you may see the Pig Lady, as she is believed to haunt railroad tracks. Unfortunately, this Urban Legend doesn't tell you which railroad tracks she I'm guessing it's any of 'em.

Why is she called “Pig Lady"? One version says she was born so disfigured, that her father tried to cover her head by decapitating a pig and putting it over hers. Why is she after the mortals? Why, she’s looking for a new head, of course.

Another version says that she actually looked like a real pig and was constantly bullied and picked on by the other kids in town. When she became an adult and was living alone, some neighborhood kids thought they would tease and ridicule her, so they planned to slaughter a pig, put its head on her doorstep and run away. One night they made the attempt and were never heard from again. But years later, after the woman had passed away, the bones that were believed to be those of the teenage boys were found buried in her old garden.

There are tales of another Pig Lady in New Jersey that makes me wonder if these tales are somehow connected.....the stories of her origin are somewhat similar.

Has the New Jersey Pig Lady found her way to Michigan? Or are there TWO of ‘em?

You don’t really believe this… you?

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