2015 is going to be a great year for me. I know it. I can FEEL it. I have a few New Years resolutions I'm making and I WILL keep them. I'm afraid of what might happen if I don't. Sure, I had a baby last year. But my weight has still crept up and up and if I don't do something about it NOW, as in, TOMORROW, it will just continue to creep up and up until something bad happens. Like, diabetes. Or high cholesterol. So, my resolutions for 2015 are as follows:

1. No more pop/soda/goodness in a can. I have upped my soda intake over the past year and it's just sickening. There are so much sugar and calories in these it's nuts.

2. No more fast food. It's really horrible for you and you always feel like crap after you eat it. I just wish it wasn't so cheap and convenient. But no more excuses. It's gross and I'm not eating it anymore.

3. I'm going to do my best to cut out the white flours, excess sugar, and unneeded carbs.

4. I'm going to eat MORE veggies, fruits, lean meats and drink only WATER.

5. Exercise. I want to start running, but that will have to wait until the spring. I'm going to get on our stationary bike at least 3 times a week, hopefully more. I know it's going to be hard with working and having a one year old, but I am finally ready to take responsibility for my unhealthy behaviors.

Here's to a healthy 2015!

What are your New Years resolutions??