Yesterday, my wife Carole and I walked the Meridian Mall at a fast pace for 45 minutes. We were totally shocked that the mall was so busy and thriving. There were many people all over that mall. Lots of families and kids. The food court was packed too.

Like I said, we were amazed at how many people were shopping and spending money. I think people are just sick and tired of this Pandemic and everything else that is going on. Plus, the Meridian Mall is kid-friendly with a different variety of activities and businesses that can accommodate fun and excitement for families. It was great to just walk with my wife at a fast pace to get some solid cardio in too. It was refreshing getting out and checking the Meridian Mall out. And to see so many people was great.

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I thought there would be tumbleweeds blowing through there and it would be like a ghost town, but it was the complete opposite. Maybe, even with inflation and gas prices and the Pandemic, people will come back to malls. I sure hope so!

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