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Here is the Gillette commercial that is part of their "We Believe" campaign as they take on "toxic masculinity".
They are taking men to task over their "The Best A Man Can Get" tagline and raising awareness about sexual harassment, #MeToo, bullying, "boys will be boys", and more.
Some folks are offended and are up in arms. And some say that if you're offended at it, you're part of the problem. We'll discuss this morning on Mornings @ Large and post some of your comments here from the show. Until then take a look and let's discuss.


Here are a couple of your calls.

This guy DEFINITELY believes Gillette should stick to selling razors.


And she thought it was really moving.


Another guy who feels that big business should not poke around with social issues and JUST DO BUSINESS.


And finally, if you're gonna get in the fray please put your money where your mouth is.

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