Good news! Starting tomorrow, February 25th, daylight here will last 11 hours. That's an hour more of sunlight than we started the month with.

Sunrise tomorrow will be at 7:21 am and sunset will be at 6:22 pm. This, of course, all leads up to the summer solstice, which this year will be June 20th at 5:43 pm. On June 20th, we will get 15 hours and 19 minutes of sun.

HOWEVER - if you feel like getting your maximum amount of sunlight possible in Michigan, get on the boat in Copper Harbor and head to Isle Royale that day. On June 20th there, the sun won't set until just before 10 pm, after 16 hours of sunlight.

But as darkness falls on Isle Royale, one must ask themselves - is an extra 40 minutes of sunlight worth running from Isle Royale's (now healthy) packs of wolves?

As you ponder the question - here's a helpful website,, so you can countdown to summer in Mid-Michigan.

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