Smoke from the record breaking wildfires along the west coast now visible in Michigan.

Michigan skies are once again being affected by smoke from wildfires. The mitten state is no stranger to having its skies enhanced by smoke from large wildfires miles away. Two years ago, fires raging in California made for stunning sunsets in Michigan turning the sky various shades of orange, red, and magenta. And just last year, smoke from Canadian wildfires caused a similar phenomenon. Now wildfires raging from Washington down through California are sending large plumes of smoke into the atmosphere, extending across a distance of over 4,000 miles.

Over 3.3 million acres in California alone has burned in 2020. Over 35 people have died in the west coast wildfires including 24 in California,10 in Oregon, and a child in Washington state. The forecast is not favorable for easing the raging inferno. The forecast for California shows 40 mph winds will hit the area in the coming days.

The easiest way to track smoke from these wildfires is by using the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) AirNow Fire and Smoke Map. The AirNow map also shows how the smoke is affecting air quality across the country. According to the EPA's Air Quality Index, numerous locations across the west coast are currently experiencing "Unhealthy," "Very Unhealthy," or "Hazardous" air.

Here in Michigan, we can expect milky looking skies with impressively hued sunrises and sunsets.

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