What a wild ride this has been.

I legit was/am one of those folks that was like, "they rushed the hell out of getting us that vaccine" and "I'll wait to see how it affects you before I take it".

That was then. This is now.

I have been blessed. I go to work and I go home.

I go shopping for groceries and every now and then I go to Kohl's or Target.

Maybe pickup food and this past weekend I actually ate out at Sparty's Coney Island. They were open, a local joint, I decide to support local and I was REALLY craving a coney (Detroit style because it's the only one that matters).

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I keep it low key. I wear masks, I keep my social distance. I wash my hands and use way too much sanitizer.

I haven't traveled to see my parents in months. I haven't done anything.

I have been one of the only people who has not been working from home the entire time. I have gone to work when others have done the stay home thing. Some still do.

I want the vaccine. I will take it. I trust it. It's taken some time but I see it as a way to stay safe, protect others, and kind of get back to some sort of normalcy.

I can get back to doing stuff and maybe go see my mom.

But, now I have to wait.

How funny is that?

I've heard we're running out of vaccines? No wait, we're ramping up production.

Johnson and Johnson is coming out with one and they are fast tracking that one.

We haven't vaccinated enough people? We're having mega vaccination sites and events now.

I'm confused.

And kinda scared.

Because after all of my being safe and nearing Covid exhaustion (yeah, I'm tired of the masks too), we've got new Covid variants.

The UK one is multiplying every 10 days and according to news sources will be the predominant strain in a little under a month.

The federal government is phasing in more retail outlets to administer shots but will I be able to get my mine?

And if they're ramping up vaccinations, why aren't they making it so everyone can get theirs sooner?

I checked in with the Ingham County Health Department on vaccines and status and to sign up to be alerted when I could get mine.

I had to consider if I was part of the critical infrastructure today. I had to look it up to see what that meant.

The Ingham County Health Department (ICHD) and other local healthcare providers receive a limited supply of vaccine each week. We are vaccinating some people/groups in the Priority 1B group. Please note that it will take several weeks or months to vaccinate everyone in Phase 1B. (Ingham County Health Department)

Limited supply?

I'm in group 1C.

The new variant is doubling every 10 days. It's not deadlier just more contagious and will be the predominant strain by March.

And it'll be weeks or months before I can be vaccinated?

I don't like playing this waiting game.

I respect other before me need it and I'm fine with that.

But the urgency is here.

And the waiting...is the hardest part.

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