It's been years in the making and after what has been FOREVER with the traffic and construction at the corner of Hamilton and Okemos Road, demolition has begun.

Bottoms Up is coming down.

But they're not the only ones.

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After doing more digging and according to a Facebook post, the store is closing as the owners are retiring and moving to Florida.

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We've come to find out not only was Bottoms Up closing up, but so were all of the businesses around it.

Closing up and this year coming down.

Across the street, Travelers Club International Restaurant and Tuba Museum got the demolition treatment.

Meridian Township via Facebook
Meridian Township via Facebook

So what's going on and why has it taken so long for all to finally happen?

The demolitions are part of the Village of Okemos Project, a mixed-use development plan that has been in the works in various forms for several years that will transform two full blocks along the west side of Okemos Road between Clinton and Methodist Streets, with Hamilton becoming a "focal point for street trees flanking quaint shopping and eating offerings," according to the project's official website. (Lansing City Pulse)

Environmental issues had to be taken care of first.

See project plans HERE.

More photos and videos HERE.

You might want to avoid driving in this area the week of January 11th.

Completion of the project is slated for mid 2022.

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