On Wednesday's Mornings @ Large, I asked you guys, "am I getting too old for my phone"?

See, I have this habit of calling people when the texting gets beyond two or three messages. So I'll call. People won't answer. Then they'll text me back. They don't want to talk. They'd rather text. I can understand if you're busy or you're at work. And when I need to get a quick answer, a quick text is the way to go. But when it starts getting into the real back and forth, I call. And folks don't like that.

I asked you about it on the air. Here's what you had to say.

Some of you agreed. Folks are a little weird (see, it's not just me).

And some people are like "sticky boogers" (her words not mine lol). They hang on/talk on the phone for too long.

Apparently, Gen Z (folks born between 1995 - 2012) would rather text than talk.

In a LivePerson survey investigating the “digital lives of Millennials and Gen Z,” nearly 75 percent of respondents told researchers that they’re rather text than talk on the phone. Concludes LivePerson global head of communications and research Rurik Bradbury of the findings, “What we see in the research data is the phone truly becoming an extension of the self, and the platforms and apps within it -- digital life -- occupying more than their offline interactions.” (Keystone Academic)*

*Follow that link. It's actually a very interesting and insightful article.

And when you finally actually TALK to Gen Z, you might want to know how to handle the lingo. And luckily' we've got a video for that.

(Video: Sunday Cool Tees via YouTube)

(Video: The Infographics Show via YouTube)


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