All across Michigan, there are great restaurants to enjoy a meal with friends and family.

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Some of them are brand new and bring fresh spins on classic foods while a special select few have been around for an incredibly long time and have gotten better with time.

These Are 10 Of Michigan's Oldest Restaurants (Newest to Oldest)

Ivanhoe Cafe at the Polish Yacht Club
Year it opened: 1909
What's the best thing: I'm a huge fan of Polish food and people say you've got to get the Kielbasa

Michigan House Cafe And Red Jacket Brewing Company 
Year it opened: 1905
What's the best thing: Michigan has some great fresh fish. If you ever visit you gotta try the Cedar Planked Trout

Jacoby’s German Biergarten
Year it opened: 1904
What's the best thing: You gotta grab some sausage and an ice cold beer next time you visit.

Nancy Whiskey
Year it opened: 1902
What's the best thing: They are known for their fried fish so give it a try.

Old Town Tavern 
Year it opened: 1898
What's the best thing: Grab a beer and a burger

Historic Holly Hotel Restaurant  (Temporarily Closed)
Year it opened: 1891
What's the best thing: The dry-aged prime rib

Nick Fink's (Temporarily Closed)
Year it opened:1888
What's the best thing: Al Capone allegedly hung out here back in the day. Not sure what he had but a popular item is there huge burritos.

Sleder's Family Tavern
Year it opened: 1882
What's the best thing: Some of the most popular items on the menu include cod, perch, and steak.

White Horse Inn
Year it opened: 1850
What's the best thing: The award-winning Hungarian goulash and whitefish.

New Hudson Inn
Year it opened: 1831
What's the best thing: The cheeseburgers

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