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TikTok User Parodies What a Taylor Swift Tour Post-Pandemic Would Sound Like

A Swiftie on TikTok is releasing parodies of the type of songs and experience fans would get at a post-pandemic Taylor Swift tour, a tour he has dubbed "folklovermore". The Grammy Award-winning artist has released three albums since 2019 but has not been able to tour due to COVID-19. (via Billboard)

Survey Says: Women Would Rather Quarantine With Gal Pals Than Partners

In a recent survey of 2,000 American women, 56 percent said they would rather be quarantined with their best female friend over their romantic partner. Nearly two-thirds of that 56 percent were millennials between the ages of 24 and 36. (via People)

Mariah Carey Sued By Sister

Mariah Carey's older sister, Alison, is saying that she has suffered emotional distress after Mariah claimed she abused her as a child in her recently released memoir. Alison is suing the singer for at least $1.25 million. (via TMZ)

Did Beer Commercials Inspire a Hit Children's TV Program?

Can you believe Sesame Street, which first aired in 1969, was inspired by beer commercials? Creators of the show kept hearing children sing beer commercial jingles and thought it was time to create an educational singing children's program. More about the beginnings of Sesame Street will be revealed in the new HBO documentary, Street Gang: How We Got to Sesame Street, airs later this year. (via Daily Beast)

Noah Centineo Lands Netflix Movie Role About GameStop Stock Surge

Noah Centineo is no stranger to Netflix movies, and now, he will be starring in one about the recent GameStop stock surge. This movie will be written by Oscar-winning screenwriter Mark Boal and will revolve around the battle between hedge funds and Reddit traders who recently caused GameStop stock to skyrocket. (via People)

Hollywood Sign Hijacked, Altered To Read 'Hollyboob'

Model Julia Rose was among six arrested after changing the Hollywood sign to read "Hollyboob" on Monday. The group told cops that they did this in order to raise breast cancer awareness. Before being released from custody, each participant was charged with trespassing. (via TMZ)

The Weeknd and Postmates Team Up for Black History Month

The Weeknd has teamed up with food delivery service Postmates to deliver 150 meals from a Tampa-based Black-owned restaurant to healthcare workers in celebration of Black History Month. (via Billboard)

Kanye West Being Sued By 800 People

Kanye West is being sued by hundreds of members of his Sunday Service choir and crew members for mistreatment. Lawyers are still tracking down victims and say that the lawsuit could include closer to 1,000 people by the final tally. (via BroBible)

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