Taylor Swift inadvertently created a viral TikTok challenge through one of her new songs.

TikTok and other social media platforms have created the "Hometown Hunni Challenge" or the "Text Your Ex Challenge" that's based around the lyrics from the "Lover" singer's new song.

Swift debuted her ninth studio album, Evermore, earlier this year. The record features a song entitled, "Tis the Damn Season" which features a story of a person going back to their hometown during the holidays and reconnecting with an old flame.

"So we could call it even / You could call me babe for the weekend / 'Tis the damn season, write this down / I'm stayin' at my parents' house / And the road not taken looks real good now / And it always leads to you in my hometown,' Swift sings on the track.

Swifties have now taken it upon themselves to text Swift's lyrics to their exes and screenshot their responses. TikTok is flooded with videos of screenshots and reactions from exes all across the globe.

Get in on the challenge yourself! Find the sound here and use the hashtags: #textyourex #tisthedamnseason and #hometownhunni.

Hopefully, none of the conversations end in "Bad Blood," and maybe even a "Love Story" is created from the challenge. Just don't hold Swift responsible for your post-holiday quarantine judgment.

Watch some of the challenges, below.


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