I have a possibly urgent question to ask.

It's kind of time-sensitive, but at this point, I don't think waiting much longer is really going to hurt things. And I could lie and say I'm asking for a friend, but in all honesty, I'm asking for me.

Okay, enough dilly-dallying, I'll just come right out and ask the question...

How long is too long to still have your Christmas lights up?

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When Should Christmas Lights be Taken Down?

I know, I know, don't shame me.

I get that we're practically at the end of April at this point, but hear me out. We haven't had the best of weather since spring has started. We've had snow multiple days in April (one of the many reasons I think spring is the worst season in Michigan) and I'm not about to go out in the cold and snow, or even the rain, to take down my Christmas lights. Not to mention the fact that my husband and I are new homeowners, so we had to borrow a ladder from a friend to put the lights up in the first place.

I feel like it's not a big deal because we don't light them up anymore, and haven't since mid-January. Plus, the lights aren't super elaborate or anything; it's just a single strand of lights. And, they are the only Christmas decorations I still have up. Everything that was inside of the house got put away pretty quickly. However, I feel like we've gotten far enough into the year that the lights really need to come down too.

So, back to my original question...How long is too long to still have your Christmas lights up?

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