While hip-hop is continuously evolving, one thing that has never changed is the amount of attention hip-hop fans pay to style. From rap's inception, fashion has been one of the pillars of the culture. In the words of the great MC Lyte, "Funky-fresh, dressed to impress, ready to party," is the modus operandi of anyone in tune with the culture that considers themselves fly and in the mix.

As hip-hop has evolved since its inception 46 years ago, plenty of different artists have emerged and attained popularity, which they capitalized on by giving fans the option to buy their merchandise at tour stops, in-store autograph signings, meet and greets and on websites. Before long, it was the norm to see casual and die-hard fans alike wearing gear representing their favorite rapper, group or record label.

In recent years, the public's fixation with merchandise has climbed to unprecedented highs, with artists brokering collaborations with high-end designers and promoting their own limited-edition capsule collections, many of which have sold-out instantly due to high demand.

Remember Jeezy's takeover with his snowman merch in 2005? Back when he had "Young" in his name, the Atlanta rap star was looking for a new way to brand himself and connect with his core fan base. Enter the snowman, the symbol that came to represent Jeezy on T-shirts across the country. Unfortunately, once schools got wind of the drug-related messaging of the snowman logo, school officials were beginning to ban the shirt. As a result, Can't Ban the Snowman shirts started popping up everywhere. Hip-hop fans supported the movement and spent some of their hard-earned cash on the T-shirts.

When it comes to Travis Scott, the Houston rapper has become a solid example of the madness that comes when an artist creates unique merch and sells it along with a new album. Travis' merch and album bundles have pushed him to the top of the charts, becoming a first-week numbers win for himself. In late 2019, Nicki Minaj took issue with the 27-year-old rapper's Astroworld rollout since he paired the album with his popular merch, seemingly disrupting her own Queen album's fight for the No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart.

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