According to the Lansing State Journal, summer activities for high school athletes can begin at school facilities as long as both the school and school district have declared their facilities open to students and staff and the academic year has come to a close.

Outdoor facilities can only be used under the current orders and done in groups of 100 or fewer with physical distancing. Indoor facilities like weight rooms, gyms, pools and ice arenas remain closed.

My daughter is still in high school and for the past several weeks, she hasn't been able to go to her high school and use the facilities because of the coronavirus pandemic.

My daughter, Aubrey, Loves track and field and is looking forward to working out and practicing the high jump and the long jump. She is working toward a scholarship before she graduates next year. She is a very good athlete.

Athletic equipment like towels, clothing, shoes or sports specific equipment cannot be shared, locker rooms shouldn't be used and state, local or school district guidelines for cloth face coverings should be strictly followed.

In sports considered higher risk and moderate risk like boys lacrosse and football, drills are allowed that keep all players physically distant and contact with other players is not allowed.

For moderate risk activities like baseball, basketball, girls lacrosse, soccer and volleyball, players must be socially distant and common equipment like balls must be cleaned as permitted during a practice or workout session.

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