Sometimes, Netflix Just Ain't The Same

Let's be honest. Since the pandemic, you've sat through a bunch of stuff.

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Movies, check.

TV shows, check.

Miniseries, check.

Documentaries, check.

The list could go on and on. You have gotten your money's worth out of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO Max, etc.

And personally, I'm grateful that they made the transition to finally giving the go ahead to first run movies both at home and at whatever limited theater release they have been able to accomplish.

I love going to the movies but honestly it's the people for me that ruin it. Amp that up with folks being inconsiderate during a pandemic, I've been good staying at home and watching movies there. Plus there is the added bonus of pause, rewind, and unlimited stopping for snacks and bathroom breaks.

Life's not bad.

If You Miss The Multiplex, Raise Your Hand

But there is something about being able to get back to the multiplex. The movie industry has been waiting and so have we.

I have started to notice that a lot of trailers are saying, "Only In Theaters".

A lot more of those theaters have started to open up.

Big name movies have been stalling and postponing until just the right time and JAMES BOND I'M LOOKING RIGHT AT YOU.

Reunited And It Feels So Good

This Thursday, we get one of our local favorites back and I can't wait to see a movie at Studio C! at the Meridian Mall in Okemos

My mind has been blown away already by the addition of beer and alcohol being served at theaters. Add that to an increasing lineup of food (sometimes gourmet) you can get at concessions and you've got quite the moviegoing experience.

But over at Studio C!, let's kick that into high gear where you can order and they'll bring it RIGHT TO YOUR SEAT.

Studio C is known for its its food and alcohol services, where guests can order food or drinks and have them delivered to them in the theater restaurant-style. (WLNS)

Welcome back Studio C! in Okemos. Just in time for my summer movie delight.

And just in time for me to see this...

And this...

Summer's back, movies are back. I just don't want to see your feet on the back of my chair.

Credit: McConnell Adams NCG Cinemas
Credit: McConnell Adams NCG Cinemas

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