Christmas morning is when you wake up hoping to find gifts from Santa not that a thief had stolen all the tires and rims from your vehicle. That's exactly what happened to a Michigan family vacationing in New Orleans for the holiday.

The Andre family was in the Big Easy for just one night, it was a layover on their way to Orlando then a trip to the Caribbean as a 15th wedding anniversary celebration. However they never made it past New Orleans when they woke up Christmas morning to find they were stranded.

Sadly the family found little help available initially. The hotel claiming they weren't responsible because the valet parking lot they were using was not under the control of the hotel and the valet lot owner wouldn't return calls. A quote from a local tire shop was over $5000 (!?) for new tires and rims.

The very happy ending comes thanks to a tire store in La Place, Louisana (pronounced La Plas I learned hearing it in the video below) that donated a used set of tires and rims and did the labor for free.

New Orleans TV station WDSU covers the story over three days in these videos.

Oh and if you want to give some love to the tire shop that helped these fellow Michiganders get home it's called Ride For Less, LLC


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