If you're anything like myself, then you probably spend too much time with a credit card in one hand and a ton of shopping bags in the other.

If you share the odd love of stress shopping, you should give some of these stores and shopping centers a try.

Go Local - Don't Shop Just Chain

While there are places that made the list that contains retail stores, if you have a chance to shop local, it may be more expensive at times, but it also keeps your neighbor afloat.

Regardless, there are some pretty great stores here around the Lansing area that you can check out.

Take a look below at a few places here in the Lansing area that you need to put on your shopping list and check out.

Must Stop Shop Destinations Here In The Lansing Area

Did We Forget Your Favorite Shopping Place?

Listen, Lansing is FULL of places that are great to spend some cash on for your house, apartment, or even just to go on out and spend some cash.

We enticed a list of about the ten destinations we like. Where are some places around the Lansing area that you go to on a regular? Help us build our list.

Stores That We Would Like To See At The Meridian Mall

20+ Stores Lansing-Area Shoppers Want to See at the Meridian Mall

The Meridian Mall has plenty of empty stores but has recently pulled themselves up out of bankruptcy. They say they have ideas of their own but the shoppers have spoken and here is a look at some new things they would want in there:

Open the station app, and click on that chat feature. Send us a few suggestions to help us add to our list of Lansing businesses.

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