More and more, we are finding that the chemicals and sprays that we have turned to for years to be harmful to you and your health. Many of the common chemicals used 20 years ago, may have also been shown the door after finding negative effects.

There may be a certain chemical sitting within your garage that could be putting you and your family at risk in the long-term.

This Product Could Be Getting The Boot From Your Garage

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is currently working on a bill that would ban a very harmful chemical, that has known to cause long-term health issues, including cancer, and even death.

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The product in question that could face the ban is methylene chloride. The product has been used in both commercial and home use since the early 1980s.

After much fighting, the EPA finally banned the dangerous product.

How Do I Know If I Have The Chemical?

You probably don't know all the ingredients in your garage chemicals, nor does anyone expect you to either.

Most commonly, methylene chloride, is found in different kind of adhesives and sealants. While you probably don't have many sealants or adhesive chemical mixtures in your garage, you more than likely have the following products lying around.

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The dangerous chemical in question, has been found in aerosol degreasing sprays, as well as paint brush cleaners over the years.

It should be noted, that not all degreasers or paint cleaners still use this chemical. Many departed from it back in 2018, so you should check your chemicals before departing with anything.

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