Michigan’s state fire marshal is thinking about starting the statewide bans on fireworks and burning because of dry conditions going into July 4th weekend. Even though the ban is being discussed it has not been put into effect.

Cities and towns in Michigan can put the ban into effect in their own town due to Michigan Fire Prevention Act of 1941, which allows heads of local fire dept. to take all steps and precautions to protect people until the dangerous condition is gone. This is causing so unrest around Michigan especially with the holiday weekend coming up and fireworks being a key thing of this weekend.

Fireworks such as cherry bombs,and M-80s are all legal. Also people that are responsible for fires and injuries and illegal fireworks can get a possible 5 year prison sentence and $10k fine.

With the weather dry most of this week, rain is supposed to come in later in the week and hopefully or possibly end this ban. To read more about the possible ban check it out here.