All she wanted to do was spread the good news... of tofu.  That's why Whitney Calk applied for a vanity plate that reads "ILVTOFU."

The problem is that the State of Tennessee didn't understand that the plate was supposed to be about tofu.  Her request was denied because it was considered vulgar.

Calk is an Assistant Manager for Youth Marketing, according to The Daily News Journal in Murfreesboro TN, which has me wondering if this whole thing wasn't intended to be a big youth-targeted marketing stunt.  I mean, it makes perfect sense, right?

You request a plate you expect will get denied.  Even if it does get approved it's still a win for your cause, but the best case scenario is that the text, which grabs the attention of juvenile gutter-minded youth, gets denied and publicized.  A lot.

Now, your message is out and you get sympathy from various groups of people; those that share PETA's values, those that think it's dumb that the state misinterpreted your request, those that just have an ax to grind with the government --- I really hope this was a publicity stunt because it's too brilliant to be an accident.

This story led to the very important question: