The State of Michigan Surplus store is usually only open a day or two every year and they are open this Saturday for a few hours If you have never been to the State of Michigan Surplus store its where they are tons of electronics, furniture, office equipment, tools, even automobile equipment! So there is really quite the mix inside there. All of the items that are for sale are property that was seized or voluntarily surrendered at airports by police or no longer needed by government agencies.

The State of Michigan Surplus store is only open a few days a year and usually for not that long so if you are looking to find something for your office or house this might be where to find it. The one-day sale will take place from 8:00 a.m. to noon on Saturday 7/14/18. You can find the store at 3111 W. St. Joseph, Bldg. 600 in Lansing.

You can see more about the store here. 

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