For the past few years it always seemed like the state of Michigan average price for a gallon of gas was always towards the top of the list in the country. We have all been noticing gas prices dropping across the state and especially here in the Lansing area. Right before Thanksgiving I was filling up and saw the price was $2.65 a gallon and I was ecstatic! Now, if you drive around to a few gas stations around the city, that seems just a little on the high side. When you take a look at the hard numbers of how much gas prices has plummeted, you can't help but smile.

This time last year, the state was paying 68 cents more per gallon than we are now. Think of the difference that makes on your wallet. The average across the state is now a five year low, $2.48 a gallon. The average here in the Lansing/East Lansing area? $2.45. So right below the state average. But not like some of our neighbors to the west, like Grand Rapids. They're paying an AVERAGE of $2.38! Whoa. Read more about why gas is so cheap right now here, courtesy of Mlive. It's just nice to see the mid west states, especially the mitten get some love when it come to low gas prices for once.