I hope we all can agree that healthcare workers are heroes. Even before the coronavirus turned the world upside down, healthcare workers were already rock stars.

Saying thank you to these fine folks certainly goes a long way, (so does wearing your mask) - but in this case Starbucks is letting a free drink do the talking. Throughout the entire month of December 2020, healthcare workers can enjoy a FREE tall-sized brewed coffee—hot or iced tea from the coffeehouse giant.

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Shout out to Starbucks for the generosity. I have plenty of friends that work in the healthcare field. I can't thank them enough. A lot of those friends are nurses. I am telling you, when my dad passed away, the nurses made such a difference in the most difficult of times. My sisters and I still talk about how great the nurses were to us. I should clarify, my dad died many years ago, before COVID-19 - I am just pointing out one of the many differences a nurse can make.

To all of you healthcare workers I thank you. I am guessing spare time these days is quite rare, but if you do find yourself with an extra few minutes, take a moment and grab your free coffee or tea. You certainly deserve it. If you know someone in the healthcare field, be sure to let them know about this.

Thank you healthcare workers, we appreciate all you do.

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