Spring break is coming up in a few weeks, and you might have put off planning something or want to stay close to home. If you want to have a fun spring break right here in Michigan, we've got some places for you to check out. Obviously these places might be difficult to visit if the weather isn't good, but lets assume the weather will be better in a few weeks.

First, if you are looking to head to the beach (though I wouldn't actually swim here), you can check out Traverse City. Traverse City is known for their fruit trees, but since it's too early to plant them or see them bloom, there are plenty of other things to see. Spring Break is a little early this year, so although the water is still chilly for swimming, the beaches at Bryant Park, Clinch Park, and East Bay Park are perfect for sunbathing and beach volleyball. Plus you can rent a boat or a fishing boat and see the amazing views on the Lake. Also, if you are looking to have a little more fun, you can sample the area’s fine wines.

Next, this isn't a beach destination but you can still have lots of fun in Frankenmuth. Frankenmuth is known for Christmas and being little Bavaria, so there is plenty to eat and drink and enjoy. You can take a river tour of the town that includes fine wines paired with chocolates. You might also want to tour the oldest brewery in Michigan, and then enjoy a glass of beer with a beautiful view. Or you can take a white horse-drawn carriage around town and shop.

As you're well aware, Michigan is full of beaches. A great beach town to check out is Grand Haven. It's one of my favorite places in Michigan and it has the beach at Grand Haven State Park. Again, probably not a great time to swim, but you can still get lots of sun and exercise. Plus you can head to the next pier to see two scenic lighthouses, or rent a bicycle at Rock ‘N’ Road Cycle, and ride/shop the 2.5 mile Grand Haven Boardwalk. There are also plenty of great places to fish for salmon, trout, and steelhead and great fish restaurants too.

Finally, you will have to head to the U.P. for this, but you don't have to travel very far because St. Ignace is right over the Mackinac Bridge. There are great views and of course seafood in St. Ignace, plus it's not too far away from Mackinac Island. You can take a ferry over to there and try to get a night at the immense Grand Hotel, eat some of the island’s famous fudge, or rent a bike and ride it around the island. If the weather is nice, you can also rent a boat and take a tour around where the Lakes meet and see the other islands too.

You can see more Michigan spring break destinations here, and also get some hotel or airbnb suggestions.

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