Halloween will be even spookier as you will see not only a full moon but a full blue moon. First off I should explain what a blue moon is and why it is pretty big to see. A blue moon happens when two full moons come in our sky in the same month. Since a lunar period is about 29.5 days two full moons happening in a month is possible but rare.

Astronomers call the 2nd full moon of the month a blue moon because it could look blue in our sky. It is also called this because a blue moon is rare or happens infrequently and is where we get the phrase "once in a blue moon". This year's blue moon is the first that has happened in over 60 years and the next time this will happen isn't until 2037, so try to set a reminder on this.

October is going to be a strange month in astronomy (and probably our lives) because of these moons. The first full moon will happen on October 1st with the Harvest moon and this is strange because this moon is supposed to happen in September as a reminder to farmers to harvest. To see the full Blue Moon, you have to look outside on Halloween at 10:51 A.M, but to get a better look it will appear full that night, too.

If you feel weirder or if Halloween feel spookier this year it might be because of this blue moon. You can see more about it here.

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