One of the toughest parts of this pandemic we are all fighting, is when one of our loved ones ends up in the hospital, family or friends are not allowed to visit. I totally understand the logic and the safety aspect, but it still hurts to know so many died alone. Some local businesses have joined with Sparrow to help relieve some of that loneliness and need for family. The Dart Foundation and PNC Bank through their generosity are providing all of the inpatient rooms with iPads.

This new equipment is being installed in over 600 rooms which provides the patients with a great way to communicate with friends and family. The hospital understands how important it is during a patient’s recovery to communicate with and get support from friends and family during a time when social distance is mandatory and visitors are restricted from hospitals. With Sparrow’s innovation and technology, they plan to install iPads in every inpatient room in all six of Sparrow’s hospitals. This system will also provide video conferencing and the ability to use the Sparrow MyChart Bedside program.

“The Dart Foundation is pleased to provide funding support to launch telehealth technology throughout the Sparrow Hospital System,” said Emily L. Matthews, Dart Foundation Executive Director. “It’s crucial that our local hospitals have the equipment they need to best serve our community, particularly with the many challenges presented by the current pandemic.” In addition to the Dart Foundation’s role, PNC Bank contributed $25,000 toward the project. “As a member of Sparrow Health System’s board, I’m proud of the entire hospital staff, especially during this challenging time,” said Tim Salisbury, PNC regional president for Mid-Michigan. “PNC was happy to play a role in supporting the cost of placing iPads in every hospital room to facilitate staff and family communications with patients while limiting potential virus spread.”

Community donors made this project happen, a matching gift of $255,000 came from a grant provided by the Dart Foundation. Michelle Reynaert, VP of Sparrow Foundation said “Their investments in programs, equipment and technology are really raising the bar on the level of care we provide every single day,”

It’s great to know as we’ve learned some of the hardest situations families have to deal with in this pandemic, our local business community is stepping up to help local families by lending a helping hand.

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