Look, I'm going to be honest here. If you're going to try this challenge, you're either a daredevil or looking to get out of something in life. Maybe a wedding or a test. Frankly, no sane person I know would get up on a bunch of empty milk crates.

I've only seen one video of this "trend" so far on my "for you" page, and it didn't end very well for the guy. Basically, the user sets up a bunch of empty milk crates, one stacked higher than the other, and then you try making it to the other side.

If you know anything about how stable milk crates are empty, then maybe you can understand why this wouldn't be smart. Just standing on one is risky enough, let alone four.

Above would be an example of said milk crate challenge.

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Look, you know it's serious too when the FDA tells you that you shouldn't do this trend either. Maybe do what the FDA is suggesting here as well and return those crates to your grocery store?

Hospitals are even warning those who try and attempt this challenge, that they are busy treating patients with COVID. While everyone is a priority, why push those who are fighting on the front lines even further?

“Our hospitals are filled with COVID-19 patients, pushing staff to their limits to provide lifesaving care,” the Louisiana Department of Health told sources. “Please stay safe. Your local hospital may not be able to help you if you get hurt.”

Look, you know this challenge isn't smart, especially when it is a non-food challenge and the FDA wants to get involved.

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