Big Foot, Sasquatch, whatever you want to call it, it's something that people around the country are obsessed with finding including some in Michigan. Now I'm gonna start by telling you that I love urban legends, and this is one of the biggest ones. I used to live in the Pacific Northwest, Oregon to be exact, and they are obsessed with finding the Sasquatch after the most known video of the creature was recorded there. When I was looking more into the Big Foot legend, I found out that several people in Michigan are also obsessed with finding the creature with some even having stories or videos of sightings.

Firs,t I started my research for this on Google, and there are quite a few stories going around of sightings of Big Foot, mostly in the U.P. This sighting is one that went crazy on social media in 2016, but if you look at the picture, it looks awfully like a bear standing on two feet. This video/picture of the creature was eventually debunked, plus a lot of people are looking for videos or pictures of Big Foot's face not his back side.

I was also surprised to find out that Michigan is a big state for Big Foot sightings. According to a new TV show, “In Search of Monsters,” there have been 1,131 sightings reported in Michigan over the last decade or more. If you know any Sasquatch hunters, then direct them to Michigan and mostly the U.P. as most of the sightings or reported sightings come from our Upper Peninsula residents.

But if you are looking for some real recent footage of a supposed Big Foot Sighting, then check out the video below that a hiker got while he was in the forest "somewhere" in Michigan. This looks like a real sighting, but no one can confirm that this is real or if it was taken in Michigan

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