If you have driven around Downtown Lansing, right around the Capitol building, then you you know there are a few one-way roads. This just came down from Mayor Andy Schor but now two roads in the heart of Downtown Lansing will be for two-way traffic now.

The streets that will be switching include Capitol and Allegan, which are used often if not everyday by most that work or live near the Capitol. The reason for the change in the roads is that the city want to see growth in the economy on the roads since you can only access these roads from one-way now. Also along with improving the economy and shops/restaurants on the road, the changing of the roads to two-ways will improve the traffic situation downtown that often has people avoid it. According to WILX, Mayor Andy Schor said, "It generates flow, so we think that converting from a one way to a two way will be very helpful."

Not sure if other one-way roads in Lansing will change but this change is to also help the revitalization of Downtown Lansing. More on it here.

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