So along with snow that we are getting this weekend we are also going to see a Lunar Eclipse this weekend and its one that doesn't come out often. According to NatGeo,  the Lunar Eclipse that is coming this weekend has a great name as it's called the "Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse". Yeah that name is awesome and its supposed to look great but make sure to try and catch it cause it won't happen again until 2021.

If you are wondering what the "Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse" is its a little bit of a supermoon with a lunar elipse (which is called a blood moon when its lunar) and a wolf moon. That's a lot right there but basically a supermoon is when the moon is closer to the Earth so the moon is bigger and brighter in the sky. A blood moon is when the earth's shadow is cast upon the moon and the moon takes on a red color in the sky. And finally a "wolf moon" is basically another term for a full moon in January and is supposed to cause more wolves to howl at the moon.

So this "Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse" is going to be happening this Sunday night (1/20) through early Monday morning. The best times to see the total eclipse is between 11:41 pm Sunday night through 12:43am. You will see the eclipse at its fullest around 12:10am. So hopefully with all of this snow coming on Saturday the skies will be clear for this on Sunday night.

You can see more about the Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse here, from NatGEO. 

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